What Is an Old Soul?

I Travel for the Stars is the journey of an old soul published for like-minded people to enjoy and learn about the world through the same lens. But what exactly is an old soul?

The term is a bit more sentimental to me because it gave me confidence. As a teenager growing into adulthood, I faced the challenges of living in a world where cell phones were of utmost importance and peoples’ popularity were based on modern fashion trends. It’s such a first-world problem but it was really hard for me to understand why I was so different from other people, and why people would be into Fifty Shades of Grey when novels like The Picture of Dorian Gray exist. It made me feel isolated when people were tweeting and snapchatting and I could never really get into those methods of socialising.

It was also difficult for me to relate to others when I travelled. My interests were usually different from others’. I really wanted to see the architecture and history of each place I went to. Museums and archaeological sites fascinated and amazed me as I imagined what life had been like at a certain time and place. While some others nowadays travel to get good Insta pics, I wasn’t even concerned about getting good photography (until I got this travel blog).

I couldn’t call myself traditional because I believe people change. Old-fashioned, maybe, but many people who use that term err on the side of racism and sexism. So one day, my dear roommate/friend and I were talking, and I mentioned that I had such a hard time getting into Twitter and it made me feel left out.

“Well, yes, you’re an old soul,” she said. And that’s when I learned of the term.

An old soul is above all else an independent not easily swayed by social norms. They understand the transience of life as they’re very thoughtful, inquisitive and introspective. They search for authentic and genuine experiences rather than superficial or planned ones. Old souls are generally sensitive because of their deeper understanding of life and can often be spiritual, whether in a religious or non-religious way. Perhaps this is why many are into history and lives of the past. The knowledge of the entire world through time beckons them through their thirst for knowledge and maybe even the desire to live more than one life. Some people believe old souls carry the knowledge of their past lives with them but whether or not you believe that is up to you.

Side effects include exclusion from the social norm and feeling like you were born in the wrong era; however, I personally disagree with this sentiment now. Older people and people of the past are/were not necessarily spiritual or independent, so I wouldn’t say that being an old soul has much to do with age. However, old souls do tend to be less into parties and night life like many of their same-aged peers. They may relate better to people who have exhausted their partying nights and look for other, calmer ways to fulfill their days.

Does any of this sound familiar? You might be an old soul.

Can learning a new term actually change your life? After that, it was so much easier for me to accept my interests and beliefs because I’d found a term and a niche to describe who I really was – part of the old soul tribe. It also helped me understand myself and others better, clearing the idea in my head that I had to have certain interests that other people have. Popular interests are just those – popular interests. There’s no hierarchy involved, rather different planes. It appeased my anxiety and even arrogance over being the way I was and made me see people as having different inborn traits and interests, rather than comparing people on a finite scale. It made me feel like I’d found my place in life and that I wasn’t abnormal – just an old soul.

That’s part of why I started I Travel for the Stars. I love travelling but even through the hundreds of travel blogs on the internet today, it can still be somewhat difficult to find those of like-minded people who enjoy the small things in life like cultural history and small towns. We old souls are a minority but we also see the world through a different lens. I want to share my view of the world with others and encourage other old souls by letting them know they’re not alone.

Are you an old soul? How has that affected your life?

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