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Is Peru Safe?

Alright, so definitely one of the most immediate and asked questions from my visit to Peru is, “Is Peru safe?”

I asked that too before I went, and got mixed answers. So I went there with a clean slate of a mind and my personal short answer: yes.

So a little bit about our trip: I went with my grandma and uncle on a semi-guided tour (since that’s what my grandma wanted). We went to Lima, Cusco, and Urubamba with day trips to Ollantaytambo/Machu Picchu and Pisac. This is the primary tourist trail, even though there’s a lot more to see in the Land of the Incas. I ended up going out by myself frequently. All the taxis we got were called for by our hotels.

In general, the people are super kind and respectful. Peru is one of those countries where people will approach you and try to get you to come to their shop/restaurant, but not to the degree of countries like Italy, if you’ve ever been. It’s much more subtle and they will take a “no, thank you” if you want to pass them by. I definitely didn’t feel harassed except for one time, which I’ll share below. I also didn’t feel like they were targeting me for my belongings, either. They respect each other’s property. A majority of the people there are kind and helpful, and they definitely look out for each other. I wouldn’t, but I felt like I could leave my phone on a table, leave, and return to it when I came back. Of course there’s theft, but I didn’t feel any more scared of it than in my home country of the USA.

As a woman? That gets a bit trickier. Even though I was with someone else for a majority of the time, I felt safe there as a female, but I did get a lot of male attention. I didn’t really get catcalled as one would in Europe or the US, but the men would approach me and ask questions. “How are you?” “Where are you from?” “Are you Russian?” It was things of that nature. I guess, props to them for trying to start a conversation rather than saying, “Nice butt, blondie!” However, it easily gets draining. When I wanted to go out and explore a city, I had to deal with a bunch of men stopping me to start a conversation – and I just wanted to spend my time getting to see Peru rather than dealing with men. That being said, they never followed me and I didn’t feel threatened.

I’d have to go back and stay in and explore Peru for much longer to get a fuller opinion, which I’d be very happy to do one day. But for the time I was there and the places I saw – the typical tourist vacation – I felt completely safe. If you’re looking to do the same I did, I’d highly recommend it and would actually advise more caution in countries like Belgium, France and Italy, since I thought they were way worse.

Have you ever been to Peru? What was your experience with safety?

Posted on Sunday, August 26, 2018 in Destinations
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