How to Be Green (Without Changing your Lifestyle)

Posted on Friday, December 14, 2018

Climate change and eco-friendliness aren’t just political topics. As world citizens, it’s important to make sure that we keep the earth and its inhabitants healthy and safe. Current activity and pollution is a serious threat to that, but there are ways of living a greener life.

Some people go off-grid and give up their electricity, and others end up biking 10 miles each way to work. While these acts are so honorable, setting the extremes as examples can deter people from changing their ways. Being green doesn’t have to mean making a lifestyle change. Below, I’ve compiled a large selection of ways and products that you can switch to in hopes of leading a greener life. It’s so simple that anyone can do it – and everyone should do it.

Switch out your kitchen supplies. From grocery shopping to cooking to packing up food, there’s a lot of waste that goes into each meal. With a few easy switches, it doesn’t need to be that way.
Clean with cloth. Whenever you have a mess, always clean it up with a reusable tool like a mop or a kitchen towel, rather than something like a paper towel. No extra energy needed. For added bonus points, get rid of paper towels and napkins at the dinner table and switch to nice cloth napkins (click here to browse some on Etsy). Again, no extra energy needed, and you can get a bunch of designs that fit your home decor and make you happy. Also, you’ll save money on the paper towels you don’t have to buy every month. Win-win-win.
Did you know that you can also buy reusable Swiffer pads? Click here to browse some on Etsy.
Use tupperware. Tupperware is so handy, so rather than throwing cling wrap over your leftovers, put them in tupperware. It’s reusable and easier to organise in a fridge.
Wrap reusable. Instead of going through tonnes of plastic sandwich bags, get some reusable sandwich bags (click here to browse some on Etsy). Same deal: they’re eco-friendly and add a lot of personality to your lunch. Additionally, you can get reusable food wrap such as Bee’s Wrap. It’s a little bit pricier but you’ll also save on the plastic wrap you’re not going to need anymore.
Shop green. You probably have a reusable shopping bag, which is a great way to save on tonnes of plastic each year. You can also get custom shopping bags and water bottles to advertise for your blog, company, or whatever you want! If you add in some reusable produce bags, you’re absolutely golden (click here to browse some on Etsy).
Invest in work and party dishware. Always using plastic forks from work? Throwing parties frequently? Get yourself a set of dishware for work and parties that you can use again and again – a great suggestion is dishware made from bamboo or another sustainable source. Then just think of how much plastic you can save! (Bonus: use the reusable napkins, too!)

Switch out your bathroom supplies. There’s also a tonne of ways to save plastic when selecting your bathroom essentials.
Use a bamboo toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrushes are getting really popular and rightfully so.
Essentials without packaging. Lush has developed some shampoo bars and you can also get toothpaste bits. This ensures that you have a good-quality product that has no or reusable packaging and will help reduce your waste. Also make sure that you buy soap bars with little packaging rather than liquid soap that comes in a plastic tub.

Switch out your appliances. Appliances can be a huge drain on resources and the environment, but luckily for you, switching them out is easy and needs to be done once every few years (if that). It can be anything from yours dishwasher to washing machine and drying machine, your refrigerator/freezer, your air conditioner and heat source, and your toilet, sink and shower head. All are easy to replace one time, require no change from you, and will help reduce your global footprint. If a product is Energy Star or WaterSense approved, then it’s probably a great choice.

Air dry your dishes. A lot of energy goes into heating your dishes to make them dry, but it’s just as quick and easy to turn the drying function of your dishwasher off and let your dishes are dry. This will save the energy the dishwasher puts into drying and will be a substantial amount long-term.

Eat less beef. It is a fact: meat is a huge contributor to global warming. No matter how good it tastes or how much you don’t want to believe it, it’s true. However, beef alone is a huge contributor to global warming. There are several studies, cited below, that list beef as a primary pollutant. So I’m not asking you to go vegan or even go vegetarian. I’m simply asking that you cut beef out of your diet. It’s a lot easier to make this change since it’s only one type of meat, which means you still have other types to select from. Of course, going vegetarian or vegan does make a huge impact on our global footprint, but let’s be honest: for a lot of people, that’s a huge jump. Giving up beef can go a long way and let me tell you that it is so empowering to help protect the environment in a big way.

Switch to solar for free! Did you know that you can actually get solar for free? Trinity Solar (USA) essentially lets you rent their solar panels for free when you switch your electric company to one of their affiliates. You still have to pay your electric bill (which you already do) but the solar panels are $0 down. You can also request a free quote, so what do you have to lose?

I sincerely hope that you’ll take these changes to heart and make some of them in your lives today.

How many changes are you going to make to protect the planet?

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