My Really Weird 2 Hours in Savannah

So obviously, two hours is not that much time to explore a city as large as Savannah, Georgia. As it’s considered one of the most beautiful cities in the South, my parents decided to drop in for a little bit when we were driving down to Florida a few years ago. It was… really weird.

Well first, let me say that Savannah is actually very beautiful! The architecture? Gorgeous! The overgrown trees with the Spanish moss? Lovely! And I’m sure they have super delicious food, but my unadventurous parents didn’t want to eat anywhere nice.

So first, we parked our car downtown in front of a beautiful house with a nice garden complete with… a used diaper. No, actually, 2 used diapers. OK. OK. That was kind of gross. So we continue to walk around and go to a large park which was visually beautiful. The experience? Not so much. First, some men asked us where we were from and we said, “Washington, DC” because my mom and I were both born in DC and raised in the ‘burbs. Apparently that wasn’t right because he then yelled at us for not having an accent. OK. OK. That was pretty intimidating but we continued to walk around the park a little bit.

I met up with my dad, who’s 40 years my senior, and we were walking down the sidewalk of the park that’s along the street. A man drives by in his convertible with his girlfriend and catcalls me. Like, “hey girl!” and whistles. I can’t remember the exact catcall but I remember feeling super weird, looking at his (assumed) girlfriend as he catcalled me, walking next to my dad. Women usually don’t get catcalled when men are with another woman, so this was just really weird.

Much to my chagrin, we went to a dodgy place for dinner and I was called “dumb” for asking if the mashed potatoes were vegetarian when they “only contained chicken broth.” But that was just obnoxious. The weirdest part of this whole stop came when we were leaving. We were heading onto the highway in Savannah when my dad had to slow down the car because… there was a woman walking her cat on the highway in a jogging outfit with heels. She was wearing heels – and I mean stilettos – with her sweat gear. While walking her cat. On a huge highway. What?

So that all happened in the span of about two hours. Savannah is probably a really nice city, and I’d love to try the food there because southern food, but the two hours I spent there were incredibly eventful in a weird way and a lot of my first impression was quite negative. Would I ever go back for a proper visit? Definitely! Though it’s not on the top of my list. I spent more time in Charleston and would rather continue exploring there.

I chose to share this story because it’s entertaining and different. I can speak nothing about the activities, people or safety in Savannah but I hope you found this story at least mildly funny if nothing else.

What is your weirdest travel story?

Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2019 in Stories

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