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Your 2-Week Trip to Japan for Under $2200

Real talk: Japan doesn’t have to be expensive. So many people say that Japan is one of the most expensive places to visit, even locals and experienced travellers. I’ve had more than one person say to me, “I heard you can’t go to Japan for under $5000, so how are you affording it?” And that’s so confusing to me. Yes, like anything, it can be expensive with the more add-ons you opt for. However, my brother and I were in Japan for almost a month, splurged quite a bit on certain things, and still managed to keep our costs … Continue reading

Posted on Monday, December 24, 2018 in Ramblings & Advice
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How to Be Green (Without Changing your Lifestyle)

Climate change and eco-friendliness aren’t just political topics. As world citizens, it’s important to make sure that we keep the earth and its inhabitants healthy and safe. Current activity and pollution is a serious threat to that, but there are ways of living a greener life.

Some people go off-grid and give up their electricity, and others end up biking 10 miles each way to work. While these acts are so honorable, setting the extremes as examples can deter people from changing their ways. Being green doesn’t have to mean making a lifestyle change. Below, I’ve compiled a large selection … Continue reading

Posted on Friday, December 14, 2018 in Ramblings & Advice

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An American’s Advice for Foreign Visitors

As an American traveller, I can tell you that almost everyone has an opinion of the Free Land, and there are lots of rumours – true or not – about this very uniform but also very huge country. People ask me what to expect when they come to the USA for the first time. So, as an American, what advice do I have for foreign visitors?

Below is a list I made based off my experience and what foreign visitors have told me.

Yes, you need to tip. One big thing foreigners may not understand is the American tipping system, … Continue reading

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 in Ramblings & Advice
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