International Rescue Committee

I’m a huge supporter of philanthropy and while a portion of my income goes to my go-to charity, the International Rescue Committee, it would mean a lot if more people would learn about and donate to this fantastic organisation.

Click here to join in my fundraiser “Help IRC Rescue Lives in Syria.”

Why IRC?

There are a lot of fantastic charities out there to choose from but for me, living in an area of extreme conflict that’s affected by poverty, war, genocide, and any other extreme force is something that I can’t even imagine from living in my comfortable and safe home. Everyone deserves a life to live and in some parts of the world, that basic human right is threatened at birth.

“The mission of the IRC is to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future.

I found the IRC while looking for a transparent organisation to help Syrian refugees. You can read more about the IRC’s goals here and where they currently work here.

I turned to the IRC because they are a reliable charity with 92% of the proceeds going to program services and another 2% going towards fundraising. The only real criticism against the IRC is that 6% goes towards administrative and other general expenses, which does amount to the CEO and other program directors being paid a hearty six digits. However they have a 100% transparency rating on Charity Navigator and their stats, including an A+ rating, are consistent across all charity platforms.

Because I Travel for the Stars is about travelling globally and promoting love across multiple cultures, I found it extremely relevant to help men, women and children in parts of the world we travellers are too scared to go to.

How You Can Help

Click here to join my fundraiser for rescuing lives in Syria!

Click here to create your own fundraising campaign!

Click here to donate directly or click here to give a symbolic gift!

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