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We’d love to have other old souls guest blog on our site! To do so, we have a few simple guidelines to follow and information we need to collect before posting. In return, you get links on our guest bloggers page (yes, links – plural!) and a free chance to advertise for your blog or business.


  • Original content only. In exchange for your blog post, you will get a link to your choice of URL on your blog post. You will also get the chance to have a square photograph, up to 5 links (so you can link your social media too!) and a paragraph-long biography on our guest bloggers page. Free advertising and SEO!
  • Your post must fit into the “old soul” branding ITFTS instills on the web, or more, it should not not fit into said branding. Some acceptable blog topics include:
    • Highlights of a city (no listicles, please!), in which there is a discussion about a city’s feel, what there is to do, and what you brought from being there.
    • An interesting thing that happened to you abroad, which other people would find amusing. This would also include attending a cultural event.
    • What you learned from a long-term experience abroad.

    Posts that will probably not be accepted:

    • Overviews of an entire vacation. Limit yourself to one confined location, please.
    • Advertisements and political posts.
    • Strongly negative posts. Positive vibes only!
  • Upon acception of your post, I will email you for your links, image and short biography. I must receive this to publish your post.
    • You may choose to remain anonymous. Please let me know if that is the case.

    Additionally, you must tell me if you’d like something published around a certain date (e.g. a post about a cherry blossom festival being published before spring rather than during summer). Otherwise I will queue it with my personal posts.

  • Your post will not be edited so please use proper grammar and spelling.
  • All images are saved and put on my own server. They will be resized to fit site standards.
  • Limit 1 blog post per 6 months. You can submit several posts at the same time but they will be published 6 months apart. This rule applies to anonymous posters as well.
  • We’d like that your post be here to stay but you do have the right to ask us to remove it from our site.

We try to maintain a strong brand here at ITFTS so please don’t take it personally if your post is not accepted. It could be something as simple as having a post too similar to one already published.

Submit Your Post!

Email admin@itravelforthestars.com with your blog post and pictures. You can have it all in a Word document, post everything in the email itself, or just have a bunch of attachments, as long as I can get it.

Unless specified otherwise, I will arrange the pictures and text in a way I see fit.

We can’t wait to read what you have to offer!

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