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The Best of Paris for Returners

Paris is a huge city that has a lot to do, so if you’ve already caught up on what you can do your first time there, here’s some of my recommendations for attractions to see on a return trip (or maybe an extended first one).

The Museums

If you visited the Notre Dame cathedral, a nice compliment would be the Sainte-Chapelle chapel, which is a beautifully painted chapel with amazing stained glass windows. After that, the Cluny Museum is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen and even though it focuses on medieval art only, … Continue reading

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The Medieval Town of Provins, France – Things to Do & Travel Guide

Y’all know I’m a sucker for medieval towns and the town of Provins, France, about an hour away from Paris by train, was one I definitely had to see. Provins is a medieval town that still has its preserved medieval walls. Because it sat at a crossroads for many trade routes, it became a location of several merchant fairs, for which it became famous. Today, not much has changed! It still has its medieval structures and it’s modernly known for its medieval shows, especially The Eagles of the Ramparts, and they still have festivals and events to celebrate … Continue reading

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The Best of Paris for First-Timers

Paris is a huge city and even natives haven’t seen all its secrets. It can be really overwhelming deciding what to do when you have so many options, and one of the most common questions I hear is, “I’m going to Paris for the first time.
What should I do?” Hopefully I can help you narrow your list down so it’s more doable.

The Museums

The museums are the primary tourist attractions of Paris, drawing in art and culture lovers from around the world.
The Louvre is a huge art museum with a tonne of different art from Napoleon’s furniture … Continue reading

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Visiting Mont St-Michel, one of France’s Most Unique Destinations

You’ve probably seen the iconic mound of Mont St-Michel in Normandy before as it’s an architectural marvel that’s emblematic of France, and I actually went there once by myself and took my mom there a few months later. It’s definitely one of the most unique places I’ve ever been and honestly, visiting it was not what I expected, but even better.

View of Mont St-Michel

View of Mont St-Michel

It was built around 700 to be a monastery because Aubert of Avranches, a bishop, had a dream that the archangel Michael appeared to him and told him to build a monastery atop the natural rock formation that was … Continue reading

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Exploring the Picturesque Côte d’Azur – Things to Do & Travel Guide

One of the trips I coveted most was that to the Côte d’Azur, the area of southeast France that borders the Mediterranean. I dreamt about going there since I was a little kid and when I was studying in Paris, I finally got to go down for a few days, and may or may not have skipped class to do so! No regrets – but don’t tell my professors.


View of Nice
Nice is the largest city in the area and it’s absolutely beautiful. The colours are magnificent and if you’re into seafood, you have a tonne of options for what I’m … Continue reading

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