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My Worst Hotel Stay Ever (& What I Learned About Refunds)

Alright, so it was a hostel & hotel. But this had nothing to do with my roommate and everything to do with the establishment.

New York City has expensive hostels anyway, but I found a place that was $90 for one night and it was rated a 6.5 out of 10 but I didn’t mind. I wasn’t looking for anything luxury, just a place to sleep for the night. It was actually in a good location so I thought it would all be OK. I didn’t know a hotel could suck so much.

It was only 8pm but I got

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The (Sad) Pina Colada Hunt in San Juan

One of my favourite drinks here at home in the U.S. is the pina colada. It was invented in the 1960s in San Juan, though the exact origin is debated. The Hilton Caribe claimed that it was invented at one of its bars, while Barrachina Restaurant claims it was invented there. It’s now the national drink of Puerto Rico and the country celebrates Pina Colada day on July 10. So for my weekend trip to San Juan, I was determined to find an awesome pina colada to write home about. One that was perfectly creamy, flavoured, and maybe even a … Continue reading

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Renting a Kimono with Yumeyakata

Kimonos are a distinct piece of Japan’s culture and can still be seen today on people who like to keep up the tradition. Unlike what a lot of people believe, kimonos actually have no religious significance and it’s actually a broad, old blanket term for clothing in general. Kimonos were created over a thousand years ago and were significant because they were easier to make and could be worn in all types of weather, and were worn by the Japanese for hundreds of years (though the styles of course evolved). Even though a strong majority of people wear modern clothing, … Continue reading

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Chased through the Streets of Brussels

It’s time to be brutally honest: my trip to Belgium was one of my worst.

When my friends and I went to Brussels, we weren’t really sure what to expect except delicious chocolate, fries and some gorgeous Flemish architecture. Being in Europe, it was just supposed to be another city to wander around and fall in love with, until we actually got there and something seemed a little off. The city itself is really dirty and that was a bit off-putting, but we joked about it for the rest of the day and when nightfall came and we had our … Continue reading

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The Really Weird Hostel in Zurich

Hostels are a great way to save money and meet new people so I was very excited when I got a last-minute room for 10 nights in a hostel in downtown Zurich, right next to all the restaurants and bars. My reservation was lined up well so I packed my bags and finally arrived at the hostel to check in and check out the beautiful city of Zurich.

But when I arrived, two men opened the door, smiled at me, and beckoned me to come in. They were standing in a dark, dingy hallway that lead to the hostel upstairs … Continue reading

Posted on Sunday, April 1, 2018 in Stories

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