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I’ll keep my disclaimer short and sweet:

This website may contain referral links. A referral link means that if you were to sign up for something, buy something, etc. via my referral link, I would get credit for it in some type of reward. Referral links never have any extra costs and catches to you, the referral.

None of my opinions are paid. Unless something terrible happened, I’m honestly not blunt enough to give an honest opinion of something if someone pays me to review them. For that reason, I don’t accept gifts of any kind in exchange for reviews. I pay for everything I mention on the site.

These opinions are all my own. Like with every blog, I can write about my experiences and thoughts only.

I fact-check and research. However there’s always room for error. I like to provide factual information on my site, and I write what I know and sometimes what I think to be true. Information may also change. Feel free to notify me if you see a factual error.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog!

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