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My Trip During the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

Update December 2020: When I took this trip back in September, we had been averaging about 20k new cases a day in the U.S. for months. As of late, every day has seen no fewer than 100,000 cases, and many days have at least 200,000 new cases. In short, cases have gone up about 10 times since I took this trip. I do not advise travelling at all. Even with masks and social distancing, the virus has permeated our communities too much, and travelling can put you and everyone you come into contact with at risk.

I’m keeping this article

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The Language Switch

“French people don’t like it when you speak English. They really appreciate it when you speak French.”

I want to talk about something that had a huge effect on my time in France. It’s known as the language switch. It’s when person A speaks one language and person B speaks another. Its most common use is to talk about non-native speakers of a language being spoken back to in English.

I’ve heard the above quote so many times and once even believed it myself. However it’s mind-boggling to me that people actually go to France and still think that, … Continue reading

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We Need to Talk About Belgium

I’d never been uncomfortable as a woman before I studied abroad. I didn’t know that we were not supposed to walk alone at night and weren’t supposed to travel by ourselves. The first time I learned this was when I had gone to several countries and cities by myself and some female friends kept asking me how I got the courage to do it. Courage? For what? Travelling alone as a female, of course. I didn’t know I wasn’t “supposed” to do it.

And then I went to Belgium.

Now at the time, I was studying abroad in Paris and … Continue reading

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