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14 Nice & Affordable Antique Stores in Maryland

Last updated on April 9, 2024

I love antiques, so it’s lucky there are so many great antique stores in Maryland. A lot of my weekends and time travelling around the state is spent looking in antique stores so I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite antique stores in Maryland.

As there are lots of – no, tons of – antique stores in the state, I felt a list of all of them would be too overwhelming and wouldn’t help you narrow down where to go. Some things I look for in a good antique store are:

  • Size: big stores means more selection
  • Cost: there are lots of beautiful antiques out there but some of us don’t have the means to spend $1000 on something
  • Quality: I like stores with nice antiques, not just anything that’s old

All these antique stores in Maryland have my stamp of approval and are decently priced. They have a range of old antiques and vintage wares, but all have a mix of furniture and decor.

A-1 Antiques & Collectibles

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Antique Stores in Maryland Antique Stores in Maryland

A-1 is housed in a former hotel and it’s absolutely huge. It looks so much smaller on the outside so I was stunned to visit and see hoards of antiques on multiple floors. They sell a huge range of antiques, mostly furniture and decor, and they also have a small record area. Prices are decent so I recommend having a stop in to see what they have.

Note that as of my last visit in 2022, A-1 did not take credit cards; only cash and checks. If you’re not from the area, Wawa has free ATMs. There are a few ATMs closer but I’m not sure if they have fees or not.

Address: 3736 Chesapeake Beach Rd, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732

Antique Center at Historic Savage Mill

Savage, Maryland

Savage Mill is an old 19th century mill that’s been transformed into a multi-purpose center and shopping mall. The Antique Center has a ton of beautiful things – a lot of it furniture – up for a variety of price tags, many of which are on the more affordable side. The mill itself, with local craft stores, a coffee shop and a walking trail, makes a nice trip out of Baltimore.

Website: Click here
Address: 8600 Foundry St, Savage, MD 20763
Note: To get to the antique center, you need to either go down the stairs next to the Grand Room or you can go through the door that says “Dive Bar” and turn to the right. I actually couldn’t find this place the first time I visited!
Parking: The main parking lot is usually full but if you follow the signs, you can get to a larger parking lot.

Antique Depot

Ellicott City, Maryland

Antique Stores in Maryland

Antique Depot is one of the most popular stores in Ellicott City, with 3 storeys of antique and vintage stores. They are made up of booths, so quality and prices vary greatly but most of the things in the store are well priced. Lots of the stores sell home decor and clothing, though there are a few pieces of furniture for sale. Historic Ellicott City is a small and charming place so if you want to stop by, you can also check out the town.

Website: Click here
Address: 3720 Maryland Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Christopher’s Antiques

Bowie, Maryland

Located in Bowie’s tiny historic district, Christopher’s Antiques has a large showroom of absolutely beautiful things. You’ll probably meet Christopher there, and he’s very passionate about antiques. Prices are a little higher but still reasonable for the quality. Most of it is furniture, so if you’re looking to furnish your home, be sure to stop in and see if there’s anything you like.

Hours vary greatly so if you want to visit, be sure to give a call before doing so.

Website: Click here
Address: 8521 Chestnut Ave, Bowie, MD 20715

Emporium Antiques

Frederick, Maryland

Antique Stores in Maryland

I live a while away from Frederick but I try to go to Emporium Antiques as much as I can. This is also a booth-based antique store so quality and price varies. However there are lots of booths that have unbelievably cheap antiques. Like, I can’t believe such beautiful and quality pieces would be priced so low. Which is why I like to go there often and see what new things they have. Of all the antique stores in Maryland, if you had to visit one place then I’d recommend this be it.

Website: Click here
Address: 112 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701

Friendship Antiques & Vintage

Friendship, Maryland

Friendship Antiques is housed in a cute old house and has a ton of decor and glasswares. They do have some furniture in the outside shed but mostly they focus on decor. The first floor is very well priced and the second floor has the most expensive pieces. This is a nice option if you’re looking for glassware or little nicknacks to help decorate your home.

Address: 3 Friendship Rd, Friendship, MD 20758

Kensington Row Antiques

Kensington, Maryland

These are the antique stores in Maryland closest to Washington, DC. Kensington Row Antiques has a large antique building with different sellers that sell a variety of mostly home decor and clothing. There are also a few other antique shops along the row with some places to eat, a bookshop, and a music shop – so it makes a nice day out.

Website: Click here
Address: Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895

Natalie Silitch

Annapolis, Maryland

Unfortunately Natalie herself died in recent years but her legacy lives on in her antique store. This is a small but fun collection of antiques and local art with a focus on the mid-century modern style and fun colors. If you visit, you might get to meet the resident doggo!

Address: 62 Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401

Olney Antique Village

Olney, Maryland

Antique Stores in Maryland: Olney Antique Village

I hadn’t heard of this place until the owner reached out to me, and I’m glad she did! This village has a variety of shops with furniture, decor and clothing – filled to the brim – and they’re all quite affordable and good quality. I’ll definitely be going there again.

Website: Click here
Address: 16650 Georgia Ave, Olney, MD 20832

Second Chance

Baltimore, Maryland

Second Chance is a huge warehouse filled with tons of used furniture and decor items. They have an incredibly wide range of selection from used appliances, to antique doorknobs, to architectural salvage pieces, and of course furniture. Some of them are absolutely spectacular antique pieces and some look like used IKEA furniture. The longer something is in the store, the lower the price goes.

Website: Click here
Address: 1700 Ridgely St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Seneca Cannery Antiques

Havre de Grace, Maryland

Seneca Cannery Antiques Seneca Cannery Antiques

I actually visited Havre de Grace several times before coming across this antique mall just one block off the main strip. This place is huge with 3 storeys of antiques! Even though the vendors are different, the antiques are almost all very well priced and are from the USA around the early- to mid-20th century. I’m putting this on my list of places to check out more often.

You’ll also notice a lot of wooden mallards because the duck industry is Havre de Grace’s specialty.

Facebook: Click here
Address: 201 St John St, Havre De Grace, MD 21078

Silk Road Antiques

Annapolis, Maryland

Silk Road Antiques, Annapolis Silk Road Antiques, Annapolis

Silk Road is smaller in that it’s a normal-size store but it still has great finds for great prices. They’re packed with a wide range of furniture, decor and memorabilia from different time periods and styles. It’s aptly named since it’s the most boho store on this list, and in downtown Annapolis, it’s an excellent choice.

Address: 53 Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401

Honorable Mention: Walton Collection

Rising Sun, Maryland

Walton Collection is a warehouse available by appointment only, with a selection available on Ebay, so it’s not really an antique store in Maryland. But some of my most prized antiques, I got there and for a great price. So I’d feel remiss not putting this on your list. The good thing is you can browse their inventory and buy online.

Remember Goodwill!

There are multiple Goodwill locations and all have departments for furniture and home decor. Almost everything there is a steal. I got many old photo frames from Goodwill and scored some beautiful vintage Ethan Allen chairs for $8 each. Definitely don’t underestimate Goodwill.

More Antique Stores in Maryland

I still have lots of antique stores in Maryland to visit, and hopefully I will within the next few months. There are tons and I am always visiting more!

Here’s the shortlist of places I haven’t been to but will check out in the future:

  • Antique Crossroads
  • Bay Country Antiques
  • Chesapeake Marketplace
  • Foxwell’s Antique Mall
  • Housewerk Salvage
  • Leonardtown Antique Center
  • Old Glory Antiques

The ones I listed in this post have my stamp of approval and I will update this list with more as I find stores I like.

Happy shopping, everyone!

If you’ve ever bought something at an antique store in Maryland, I’d love if you popped a comment and told me what it was (& added a picture if you could!).

This post was updated on 4/9/24 to include 3 more antique stores in Maryland.

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Antique Stores in Maryland

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