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9 Lively Ways to Celebrate Spring in Maryland (2024)

Last updated on April 2, 2024

I have to say that spring in Maryland is probably the most variable times of year in terms of weather. You could be huddled inside with a blanket or trying to stay cool in the bay. Since we often push things to June, when the weather is more predictable, there aren’t as many spring events as in summer, autumn or winter.

But there are still great ways to spend the season of rebirth! I’ve compiled a list of 9 great – and a lot of them, iconic – ways to spend spring in Maryland.

Celebrate Maryland Day (March 25)

Spring in Maryland: Maryland Day

Maryland Day is March 25! (There’s apparently one in August? but we don’t recognise that one here.) Though it was unheard of in years past, it’s now becoming a more popular thing to celebrate Maryland Day. There’s a very convenient events calendar on the Maryland Day website if you’d like to celebrate, or you could just grab a vegan crab cake and call it a day.

Go Strawberry Picking

Spring in Maryland: Strawberry Picking

I love pick-you-own patches. Even though a lot of them are geared toward summer and autumn, you can still pick strawberries in May! There are lots of places to go to, but my personal picks are:

Visit a Garden

Spring in Maryland - Sherwood Gardens

Spring in Maryland – or anywhere – calls for a visit to a garden to see the beautiful new flowers. Some of the ones I personally like, and have heard great things about, are:

  • Brookside Gardens (my personal pick for an outdoor garden)
  • Sherwood Gardens (a nice pick but not really worth the trek if you’re far from Baltimore)
  • Lilypons Water Gardens
  • Rawlings Conservatory (this one’s very popular with Baltimoreans)
  • Ladew Topiary Gardens

Sherwood Gardens also has a tulip dig after tulip season (2024 date TBD) where you can dig up the tulip bulbs by yourself for super cheap.

A lot of us – myself included – take the trek to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, which is beautiful. But shh, I didn’t tell you to leave the state of Maryland in a post about Maryland!

Drink Lemon Through a Peppermint Stick at Flower Mart (May 3-4)

Spring in Maryland Spring in Maryland

One of the most iconic things to do in Baltimore is actually the Flower Mart with its trademark lemon and peppermint stick treat (called lemon sticks). There are also vendors for plants and gardening supplies, as well as food trucks and live entertainment. If you happen to be in or near Baltimore, it makes a great day out.

See the Kinetic Sculpture Race (May 4)

The American Visionary Art Museum is one of Baltimore’s most popular museum and each spring, they hold a kinetic sculpture race which is a popular event. I even met someone who came from California to see it! It’s certainly one of the most unique things to do during spring in Maryland.

Watch Something New at the Maryland Film Festival (May 2-5)

I didn’t even know that Maryland had its own film festival until my friend brought me, and honestly, the short films we watched were quite good! There is a lot of talent out there. It’s something fun to do, and probably one of the only chances you’ll have to see these individuals showcase their work.

See the Orioles’ Opening Day (March 28)

Spring in Maryland: Orioles' Opening Day

It’s really hard to be in Baltimore and not notice the Orioles’ opening day as it’s packed with people. Some may even consider it a holiday. It’s a great way to spend the day in Camden Yards, one of the country’s best reviewed stadiums. (Even if you can’t make it on opening day, seeing a baseball game in Baltimore is still a fun idea.)

Discover Art at the Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival (April 20-21)

At historic St. Michael’s on the beautiful Eastern Shore, there’s a festival each spring that displays sea glass art (I personally love sea glass) and other coastal arts by local artists. It’s a great way to go shopping while supporting artists and craftsmen, and celebrating Maryland’s coastal heritage.

Find Fun Stuff at the Baltimore Vintage Expo (May 19)

Baltimore loves everything vintage! You can find clothes, accessories and decor at the bi-annual vintage expo held in Hampden, the city’s “vintage” district.

Things to NOT Do: the Horse Races

Springtime is the time when Maryland has its Preakness horse races in Pimlico. Many horses die during these races, and obviously they have no say in the matter if they want to participate, so please do not contribute support by watching or attending.

The Weather During Spring in Maryland

In a sentence: the weather is very variable during springtime. Spring in Maryland can have super cold days complete with snow or incredibly hot days (which would be great for heading to the beach). Be sure to check the weather forecast and bring layers to make sure you’re going to be comfortable.

Spring in Maryland

I hope this post helped give you some ideas for things to do during spring in Maryland!

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Things to Do During Spring in Maryland

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