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13 Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore to Try (Updated 2024)

Last updated on February 1, 2024

With so many delicious vegan restaurants in Baltimore to try, it’s a vegan foodie haven. That’s one of the reasons I love living here! So I wanted to try as many vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants as I could. Below is my experience with different restaurants in Baltimore, which is changing. I’ll update this post as I try new places or have further experiences with old favourites.

(Even though it’s not difficult to find a restaurant that accommodates vegans in Baltimore, the following are all restaurants that are 100% vegan or have a dedicated vegan menu. No “here’s the one vegan option” on this list!)


Has a Vegan Menu

Even though Atwater’s is a chain, it’s specific to Baltimore and the area. It is one of the most expensive places on this list but it is delicious. Their menu is always changing but from their veggie reuben made with butternut squash to their soups to their shepherd’s pie, I have had some amazing food at Atwater’s.

Dodah’s Kitchen

100% Vegan

Dodah's Kitchen - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

I stumbled upon this place when I was walking around and it was so good. Like a lot of other vegan restaurants in Baltimore, their specialty is soul food. When I say “their” I mean Dodah, who seems to run the place by herself. Of course I had to try the crab cake and the mac n cheese, which were both delicious. You have to ask for sauce for the crab cake. Located in Mt Vernon, Dodah’s is very accessible.

Golden West Cafe

Has a Vegan Menu

Vegan brussel sprouts and pumpkin curry soup by Golden West Cafe - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore Vegan chocolate mousse by Golden West Cafe - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

Golden West Cafe is a cute restaurant that has a lot of different options, many of which are vegetarian. They also have a full vegan menu. I got the brussel sprouts (delicious!) and the pumpkin curry soup (pretty good). They also have a full vegan bakery and I opted to get the chocolate mousse. It was a bit dense but it’s always nice to have an option. I’ve been back a few times and it’s definitely a local favourite and one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Baltimore.

Joe Squared

Has a Vegan Menu

Vegan pizza by Joe Squared - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

I actually came here a few years ago with my boyfriend and it was memorably overpriced and not filling. We’d gotten the margherita pizza. For this blog post, I decided to go back and give Joe Squared another shot, and hot damn! I’m glad I did. I got the vegan pizza as it comes and it was delicious. You can make virtually any pizza vegan and make your own pizza, which means lots of selection. All pizzas are about the same price so if you get one with more toppings, it’s not as overpriced anymore. (Why is it so hard to find cheap pizza?) They also have more, like sandwiches and risotto. It’s fairly expensive. I got vegetarian potato skins and oh my gosh – best thing ever. I’ve been back a few times and it’s always been great.

The Land of Kush

100% Vegan

Crab Cakes at the Land of Kush - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore
I clearly forgot to take a photo at the restaurant.

So The Land of Kush’s claim to fame is their vegan crab cake and they’ve even won “Baltimore’s Best Restaurant.” Of all the places on this list it’s probably one of the most quintessential vegan restaurants in Baltimore. It’s delicious! Their mac n cheese and yams are very good. The crab cakes were the main event and it was actually quite decent. It’s not a loose crab cake but dense in texture. The issue is that they’re very dry and need a sauce, which you need to ask for. However, of all the places I’ve eaten ever, I get cravings for these specific crab cakes and their mac n cheese. They definitely get a thumbs up. Make sure to go on a weekend as they don’t serve the crab cakes during the week.

Liquid Earth

100% Vegetarian, Mostly Vegan

After a looong wait from Liquid Earth being closed, they reopened and I finally got to try them! Because of the wait I got two sandwiches: the BBQ Pulled Tofu and the Reuben. I’m a sucker for reubens but theirs is made with fake meat, which is off-putting for me – but I know a lot of people like that. I was so excited for the BBW Pulled Tofu sandwich and it was great. Mine was a little dry but I’d go back again to order it. They have a huge menu so there’s a lot to try.

My Mama’s Vegan

100% Vegan

Crab Cake sandwich from My Mama's Vegan - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore Fish sandwich from My Mama's Vegan - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

My Mama’s Vegan is a newer carryout establishment and it got raving reviews, so I got two sandwiches when I ordered. The crab cake sandwich was heavy on the artichoke and vinegar flavouring, but it was OK. The fish sandwich was amazing. They specialise in “comfort food” so eating here doesn’t feel healthy – it feels greasy. It’s fantastic. This establishment is only open limited hours but I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their food.

NuVegan ★

100% Vegan

NuVegan - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

This one has a star because it’s my favourite! I love love love NuVegan and it’s one of the newer vegan restaurants in Baltimore. I found the chain when it started in DC and almost cried when they opened here. Super tasty comfort food that’s not too dry and not too greasy. My family eats meat and they love this place too – sometimes my brother specifically requests we eat there. I love the crab cake and my brother recommends the chicken. I absolutely recommend stopping in.

One World Cafe

Almost completely vegetarian, has a vegan menu

One World Cafe - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore One World Cafe - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

One World Cafe is another place that I’d heard great things of many times. They have a mostly vegetarian menu, lots of vegan options, and their offering change day to day. First off, I had a hard time ordering because so many of their options looked fantastic. They have popular selections from global cuisines and it all sounded so good! I ended up getting a tempeh reuben and the veggie crab cakes, which I believe were both vegetarian rather than vegan because of the sauces. Unfortunately their menu is not very clear, but you can call if you’re concerned.

Both were decent! Their reuben was full of flavour and as reubens are, it was very tangy and filling. The crab cakes were also good with the sauce. I’m not sure I’d get them again (they weren’t particularly memorable) but they were decent. I definitely can’t wait to check out this cafe again.

Red Emma’s

100% vegetarian, mostly vegan

Red Emma's - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

A lot of my friends frequent Red Emma’s, which is a bookstore and community space as well as a cafe. They’re also known for being worker-owned, paying fair wages, and focused on social justice. I decided to try their fishless & chips, which was priced well. It wasn’t super filling but the “fish” was delicious (it’s Gardein), served properly with lemon and cucumber tartar sauce. They also have a bar, small bakery and a great atmosphere. I’ll definitely try a different food next time I go but they’re worth going for the atmosphere alone. Just a cosy, welcoming place and a great destination if you want to meet locals.

Refocused Vegan

100% Vegan

Vegan Baltimore: Refocused

This was a new place on the block I needed to try because of vegan shrimp. Unfortunately they didn’t have the shrimp when I visited (they’re quite pricey anyway), so I got my regular: the crab cake sandwich with mac n cheese. They were both quite good. A bit too spicy for me, but I really appreciated that both had different seasonings than what’s typical in restaurants. I’d definitely go back to check out their shrimp, though.

Rocket to Venus

Has a Vegan Menu

Vegan tuna melt by Rocket to Venus - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

I went to Rocket to Venus and got the vegan tuna melt and it was so good. It’s very similar in taste to a regular tuna melt, which is a bit unsettling since the establishment does serve meat. However it doesn’t smell like tuna and has a thinner texture, so I’m pretty sure it was vegan. I may go back again and get something else (or just get the tuna melt again).

Sweet 27

Has a Vegan Menu

General Tso Tofu by Sweet 27 - Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

I’m not huge on spicy food, so Sweet 27 was not for me. It has an array of internationally-inspired cuisines but a lot of them are spicy. My tofu was not marked with a pepper but what still spicy, though the rice was quite good. The tofu was also all spice, and didn’t have much other flavour, unfortunately. Also, they’re big on IPAs, which is also not my style. I got a pilsner, which I usually like but I didn’t like this one. Unfortunately, Sweet 27 is off the list for me.

Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore: the Roundup

So there you are: vegan restaurants in Baltimore for you to try! Unfortunately, I ate at 4 amazing vegan restaurants that have since closed, and the more I stay, the more I realise that the restaurant scene here in Bmore is transient. However I’ll be updating this list accordingly.

So which are my favourite vegan restaurants in Baltimore? If I had to recommend vegan restaurants to people visiting, I’d say my favourites are definitely NuVegan, Atwater’s, Golden West, Joe Squared, and the Land of Kush. These are places I’ve been returning to. Unfortunately, a lot of the reason I haven’t returned to several restaurants is because they’re open odd hours, closed when they say they’re open, are out of what I’m interested in eating, etc. It’s honestly quite frustrating but I still want to make these vegan eats known because they’re all fantastic.

Here are some other vegan restaurants in Baltimore I’ve yet to go to:

Chipotle, Nalley Fresh, Honeygrow, and Sweetgreen are also here in Baltimore if you feel that you’re short on time.

Have you been to any vegan restaurants in Baltimore? What did you think? Which were you favourites?

If you’re headed to Baltimore, be sure to check out my other posts on things to do & see in the city.

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Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore Vegan Restaurants in Baltimore

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