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Exploring Zadar: Things to Do & Travel Guide

Even though it’s on Croatia’s coast, the city of Zadar is sometimes overlooked for other cities like Split and Dubrovnik. However it was actually one of my favourite places on the Adriatic Sea. This city is so filled with relics of its centuries-old past and lively present.

Zadar, Croatia

A little bit of history: Zadar is said to be the oldest settlement in Croatia, dating back to the 9th century BCE. It turned from a Roman establishment to a medieval Croatian town and was actually sold to the Venetian Empire in 1409. Since the Venetians came in and redid a lot of … Continue reading

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Dubrovnik: Things to Do & Travel Guide

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most visited city, largely because of its filming locations for Game of Thrones. But beyond that, the city is absolutely beautiful and a unique, well-preserved part of Dalmatia’s history. I absolutely had to visit this gem and see Croatia’s hottest destination for myself, and it was amazing.

Note that I’m not a Game of Thrones fan so I didn’t do anything from that fandom.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A little bit of history: What makes Dubrovnik so special in its history is that it was actually its own Republic for hundreds of years. Only relatively recently did it become a … Continue reading

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Exploring Zagreb: Things to Do & Travel Guide

Despite being Croatia’s capital, Zagreb is often overlooked as a tourist destination. Many people visit Croatia’s beautiful coastline but don’t go inland to see what the rest of Croatia is about. I was a bit different – I was actually excited most for Zagreb because I’m a fan of cities. Though Zagreb wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, it was still one of my favourite places to be in Croatia and it’s a very worthy travel destination.


A little bit of history: Zagreb’s history dates back to Roman times and is interesting because it was actually a few different towns … Continue reading

Posted on Thursday, December 9, 2021 in Destinations
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