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My name is Lilly & I'm a part time, mostly solo, vegetarian traveller who loves history, art and architecture. I'm here to help you plan your best trip and make the most out of it. Join me as I follow the stars. ★★★

Currently in Baltimore, MD United States

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Just a note...

Update August 9, 2021: I can't believe I'm writing this a year later but things are still looking scary so travel has not been able to resume as it used to. I'm looking forward to my first COVID international trip in a few days and playing the rest by ear. I also did a lot of travelling a few months ago and have some blog posts queued up on that.

I'm continuing to post once every few weeks because at the end of the day, I don't have as many blog posts as I used to and content isn't coming the way it used to. I'm looking forward to better days ahead.

Until then, I'm still active on Twitter and I still post travel-related content every few days on Facebook. Remember to get vaccinated and wear a mask. Keep well and stay safe, everyone!


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